Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chilly Morning

This is frost on a ewe's back! I was out gathering duck eggs & noticed her running around frosted over her lovely dark wool. The sheep don't mind the weather much so this didn't bother her. But I believe today was the second full day of spring.

We had another ewe lamb born today. Jezebelle, her mother, is a good mama who has given us lots of pretty lambs. She had the lamb cleaned up & well fed by the time we got home from church. Jezebelle is a little Shetland sheep. She started out coal black & is now a pretty brown and gray. It is not uncommon for black sheep to lighten as they age. Jezebelle's name is spelled this way because she is a southern sheep. And she is quite the queen of her pasture.

Pig Update: The little pigs went to a new pasture today. It was funny to see them meet the big pigs through the fence now that their pastures adjoin. I'm hoping seeing the big guys will inspire them to eat even more & grow! After a quick inspection of the new digs, they were ready for a nap. The larger pigs continued to stare at them until distracted with lots of fresh greens.

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