Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lots of stuff

I've got lots of pictures so will just post a few with some explanations. We've had a great time with kitchen scraps from the Hyatt this week. Although it is hard to appreciate in a still photo, the hens sucking down spaghetti have been hysterical. They wolf down the easy stuff first & then spend time working on scraping the melon scraps until the rind is paper thin. They've been especially pleased this week with the abundance of cucumber seeds.

This picture needs lots of explanation. This is the outside edge of the chicken house. In the dark on the right you can barely see some pretty gold chicken feathers sticking out. This is the back side of a Buff Minorca hen. She laid this egg on the floor of the chicken house & it rolled out. She is apparently unaware as she is still setting.

We let Fuzzy & her lambs out of the barn since it was such a pretty day. The two girls are enjoying exploring the big world. Unfortunately, they are exploring a little close to the electric fence here. No one hit it while I was outside but it usually only takes one quick zap for the animals to get the idea.

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