Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sad Little Lamb

Well, the little fellow we'd been treating for pneumonia didn't make it. He had such a rough birth, was just not right from the outset & the respiratory problems set in almost immediately. We tried very hard & he was a fighter but it was obvious that he would never be "normal" even if we did pull him through this. We are sad.

Fortunately, no one else decided to be born in this nasty weather. We are very grateful for the rain, just hoping all the babies wait to enter this side of the world until it dries up a bit.

Pig Update: The pigs have been intrigued by the rain. They have used it to help them turn their lovely pasture into a complete hog bath. I think there is one high corner left but they are happily wallowed down into their newly-created mud. They don't seem to mind the cooler temperatures. I'm thinking they are keeping their body temperatures up with all the enthusiastic running around.

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