Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Weeping Cherry

Two new ewe lambs so far today! Each lamb & mother are doing nicely. Al found the first lamb right before dawn. Katy & I watched the second arrive before noon.

The picture is of our massive weeping cherry tree in the front yard. It is absolutely buzzing with activity. It is full of small bees (sadly, not honey bees - but life nevertheless...) that work diligently until about 6 p.m. when they must all beat it for home.

Eve, our little Ossabaw donkey, has spent lots of time these last few days resting under the buzzing tree. You can see her as a little bump in the left hand side of the tree pictures. She usually naps somewhere else in the yard so I am surprised to see her here every time I go out the door. I don't know if she is enjoying the snowfall of blossoms on the ground or the soothing buzzing.

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