Friday, March 6, 2009

Twins Again!

Aggie finally lambed this morning. She's the ewe we'd pulled into the stable a few days ago to treat for pregnancy toxemia. She responded well to the treatment & managed to get cured this morning - by lambing. She has a little black ewe lamb & a little red ram lamb. Both are up, nursing & still a little sticky dirty from their birth. I took Aggie's daughter from last year out of the stall as she was just not sure what to make of all this excitement & Aggie was being very protective of the new lambs, butting gently when her older daughter got in the way. I'll work on posting a picture or two later but since Aggie was still quite busy with mama stuff, I didn't want to disturb her by turning on extra lights, etc.

This is a picture that I took at the end of the day yesterday. It is of our LaMancha, Vincent Van Goat (named because LaManchas have almost no external ears....) sitting on top a new round bale as the other goats eat below him. I was standing at the kitchen window finishing my coffee this morning when I noticed something looked peculiar about that bale. It had tipped over onto its side & rolled off of the stable porch.

I felt kind of "Wizard of Oz -ish" as I checked the edges of the bale for protruding feet. Looks like no one was squashed in the event.

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