Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Goat's Life

Long ago we heard a Texas goat rancher explain that a goat wakes up each day trying to figure out just how it can kill itself. These two little goats thought that, even though they have plenty of their own feed, eating pig chow would be a good idea. I took one quick picture and then went about wiggling their heads around until both horns on each head was at exactly the right angle to pull back through the small hole in the fencing. Of course, if you try to make a goat go in a certain direction, it will always do the opposite. In order to get a head out I had to line up the horns just right & then carefully push forward without losing my angle. The goat, being a goat, pulls its head out to resist my pushing. I have a bruised hand & only a single scraped knuckle. A lot prettier than had they tried eating from the big pigs' pasture - I doubt I could have saved them.

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