Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Everyone's Playing

While we were feeding pigs, a chicken hopped in & ran off with a nice dinner roll. The goats, who obviously cannot fly in & out of the pig pasture realized this was their chance to grab a goodie. But first they had to catch up with the chicken. This game of chase lasted a good five minutes. Of course, I was trailing along behind the majority of the time trying to get some pictures. The pasture has rocks, dips & other obstacles which makes running through it with a camera challenging but I hope I got enough of a picture that you can see what is going on. The dinner roll is bigger than the chicken's head so maneuvering was a little tough but she finally slipped under a fence & into a quiet spot to enjoy her hard-gotten snack.

This little goat kid was busy practicing climbing. What appears to be a rock that it is perched on is actually the mineral block that all the livestock enjoy licking at.

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