Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday again.

What a gorgeous weekend! The birds were all finding time to lay out & sun themselves. It is su funny to walk up on a chicken that looks like it just keeled over dead in the yard. Its eyes will be shut & its feathers will be gently blowing in the breeze. But if I step to close, it will open an eye, lift its head & scurry away. But this little rooster never realized I was sneaking up on it to take its picture.

The younger hens are really beginning to lay & have already gotten the hang of bickering over nest boxes even though there are plenty to choose from. I will be glad when we are through the pullet egg stage. I am bringing in close to 60 tiny eggs a day. Fortunately, the pigs enjoy them scrambled & I can throw the shells back out to the birds who gobble them down to supplement their calcium intake.

Pig Update: The fellows are thrilled with the outdoors - especially the sunny day we had. These older piglets are white so much more susceptible to the sun. They spent most of yesterday basking & are showing the effects today. That pink glow is real!

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