Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thursday & the Weather is Changing

We are due for rain & colder weather some time after midnight tonight. The wind has picked up & even though the sun is shining it is chilly. I took a quick walk to the bottom of one of the pastures to check on a ewe that had separated herself. She was fine - she'd just found her own private little patch of grass. On the way back I found some moss at the base of a tree & thought I'd see if I could take a decent picture of it with the cellphone. Moss at the end of winter always reminds me of my Grandpa Shidler who would take us into the woods as the snow was melting. He carried a magnifying glass in his pocket & would get down on his hands & knees to show us how the moss was beginning to "bloom" with pretty little red stalks.

The goats, sheep & cattle are all acting silly as the weather changes. Every time the wind blows they romp around, running & kicking. Bud, a big Tunis sheep who ended up being a bottle baby & is spoiled rotten, was running next to me all the way to the house. He almost knocked me over as he leaped into the air, kicked & spun. I was carrying a bucket of eggs & managed to lift those high over my head as he landed a back hoof into my thigh. Too much enthusiasm can be dangerous.

I am treating the little swollen-headed lamb for aspiration pneumonia. He is quite congested with a rattling chest so I started him on an antibiotic, an expectorant, a decongestant & an antihistamine. The antibiotic is an injection which he objected to but the he sucked down the other medications. Hopefully he'll get through this mess as his head is almost to normal size, he is nursing well & is interested in the other lambs. What a production he has been!

Just because this is usually the way things work, I am expecting more lambs over the next few days of predicted cold & rainy weather. I'll just check on everyone throughout the day & hope for the best.

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