Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Storm mess

We've decided to let the livestock eat as much of the fallen pine as they want. Although I cannot quite imagine how good it tastes or, for that matter, how funny it feels going down... the animals are thrilled with all the fresh greenery. They peel every branch down to the white core.

There is still a good bit of snow on the ground but also lots of mud & water running off. The ducks are having a ball bathing everywhere while the goats are tiptoeing & leaping from high spot to high spot.

Aggie, our pretty black Jacob ewe, is in the stable right now. We are treating her for pregnancy toxemia & perhaps milk fever. She was beginning to star-gaze today which is not a good thing. Fortunately, we keep all the necessary equipment & medications here for just about anything animal-related. Aggie was not pleased to be locked up even though Fuzzy & her twins are also in the stable. Al brought Aggie's daughter from last year in to keep her company & perhaps calm her down.

The ducks have decided that they love the new hiding places. These 3 eggs were at the same spot that I found one egg yesterday. Looks like this might become a regular spot for a while. I also found eggs in a variety of new places. One egg was being washed under a fence from the snow melt so, rather than wonder where it came from or when it was laid, I flipped it over into Regina's pasture. The dogs always appreciate a good "spare" egg. And the duck eggs have such thick shells that this one bounced & rolled down the hill. I guess that counts as a little play value besides.

Pig Update: I noticed today that the smaller of the piglets don't have baby voices anymore. They are beginning to grunt in a more throaty voice like the bigger pigs! And they are just SO pushy, climbing either over or under each other to get to food.

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