Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hide & Seek

Now that there are lots of newly fallen branches, the ducks have extra places to hide their eggs. Fortunately, many of the ducks congregate in the same area so I know where to begin the hunt. These pine branches fell into the protected chicken yard. There are small openings all around the bottom of the fence so that the birds can come & go but the goats, sheep, cattle & dogs cannot enter to eat either grain or eggs. The rest of the fallen pine branches that the goats & sheep have access to have been stripped bare. Fresh pine needles are quite the treat & apparently the fresh bark is pretty tasty also as it gets nibbled away. Tomorrow I'll spend some time flipping branches from the front & side yard into pastures. It sure is a great way to be rid of the storm debris!

Pig Update: I spent a fair bit of today cooking yet more eggs for the little guys. We are still getting lots of pullet eggs. Pullet eggs are the small eggs a chicken produces as they are just "learning" to lay. We weigh all of our eggs to sort them for sale & the pullet eggs only weigh in as small. I don't bother selling small eggs so those usually get set aside for dogs. Luckily for the dogs, there are plenty of eggs for their usual ration & to share with the pigs. The larger pigs greet me quite aggressively when they see me coming. The smaller pigs haven't quite figured out that they should be excited until I start to dump their eggs in the trough. The red piglet is the first to stick his face in the trough. The others are hysterical to watch as they roll up to the trough next to him. Even though there is plenty of room at the trough, they don't seem to be content unless they are shoving a neighbor while eating.

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