Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One last lamb...

After the day's two ewe lambs, I figured we would be done until tomorrow or the next day but Freckles, our lovely white ewe who had twins last year, had a little ram lamb just as it was getting dark. Once we peeked to be sure the little guy was up & nursing we left them alone as Freckles is an excellent mama. At about 9:00 we went out to bring the two of them into the stable for the night. Freckles had had her little fellow halfway down the pasture but when we started back down we realized that she & her lamb were laying right at the back of the old barn along with many of the other sheep. She'd brought him all the way up the hill & was laying snuggled around him. Al picked up the lamb. Fuzzy jumped right up & followed right into the stable where she was enjoying corn when we left them, occasionally quietly calling out to her little fellow who was quietly answering. What a day for babies!

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