Monday, March 9, 2009

Saturday's New Lamb

Our newest lamb was born Saturday morning. I had been watching a Tunis ewe who had been walking more stiffly & just looking restless most of Friday. On Saturday morning I noticed that she's separated herself from the rest of the flock & was hiding halfway down the pasture in a dip on the field. When I walked up on her, she hardly noticed me. She was busy pawing the ground, maaing quietly & occasionally laying down, only to turn a bit & get back up. I watched her do this for about half an hour. She then stood up & dropped this little ewe lamb on the ground. The lamb was strong & hopped right up. Between mama cleaning the new baby & the new baby learning to use her wobbly long legs, it took another half an hour before she finally nursed. Once she got the hang of that, we left mama & lamb alone for a few hours. The weather was pleasantly warm so there was no concern about leaving them out.

After lunch we moved them into a stall in the stable. This is a protective little mother so when Al lifted the lamb to begin the walk up the hill, she immediately ran in front of him to cut him off. He held the lamb down to her face & after a good bit of starting & stopping managed to walk her all the way to the stable. She ran into a stall without hestiation, just anxious to keep up with her lamb.

On Sunday we opened her stall door so that her little lamb could get out into the center of the stable & play with the two sets of twins. The five lambs are adorable together.

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